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23 Mar 2013

Did you ever wonder about the redbox concept. Use the redbox promo codes HERE to save on your next rental. It’s actually very simple. Each fully automated redbox kiosk holds approximately 630 DVDs, representing up to 200 of the newest movie releases. Consumers simply use a touch screen to select their favorite movies, swipe a valid credit or debit card and go. The complete rental transaction takes only moments.

Customers can keep the DVD for as long as they’d like and return it to any one of redbox’s 21,600 kiosks nationwide. After 25 nights, rental charges cease and the DVD is the customer’s to keep. For added convenience, customers also can visit redbox online to select a DVD online and pick it up at the redbox location of their choice.

From an initial launch of 12 kiosks in 2002, redbox now features approximately 24,800 kiosks nationwide and is available in each of the contiguous United States. Redbox has served millions of unique customers, and thousands more try the service each day. Redbox has also rented more than 750 million DVDs nationwide.

Filling the Needs of Consumers: Redbox has always looked for more opportunities to enhance the customer experience. In September 2006, redbox debuted online reservations, allowing customers to choose their favorite title online and pick it up immediately at the redbox location of their choice. In September 2007, the company acquired two U.S. patents, one recognizing the technology that allows consumers to rent DVDs from one redbox and return the DVDs to any location nationwide, and one supporting redbox’s method of transporting and installing DVDs at-kiosk.

Redbox DVDs are delivered to kiosks in a secure storage unit, which is placed in the kiosk and the DVDs are automatically installed into the machine, enhancing installation efficiency to ensure the most popular new release titles are available to redbox customers every Tuesday. In October 2007, redbox extended its return time from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., giving consumers two more hours to watch and return the latest DVDs.

In July 2008, redbox completed enhancements to its kiosk interface and Web site by introducing a search feature and offering genre categorization to speed up the selection process for consumers. These efforts have helped improve the customer experience and make renting DVDs at redbox easier and more convenient than ever. Redbox also recently launched “Redblog,” an entertainment blog featuring film reviews and discussion to offer customers additional insight into new release movies. Use red box promo codes for a free rental! It is redbox’s proven technology, unmatched production timeline and ability to deliver unsurpassed consumer convenience and value that have allowed the company to expand rapidly in the competitive home entertainment industry.

Will my Blu-ray Disc play on my old DVD player?
No, Blu-ray Discs won’t play on Standard Definition DVD players. You’ll need a Blu-ray player or a device that plays Blu-ray Discs, like a Sony PlayStation 3.

Can I use my promo code when I reserve a movie online?
Most promo codes can only be redeemed at a box. To find out about your code’s limitations, check the email, text message or web page where you got the promo code. If you can’t find any details but still want to use the code online, try entering it during the checkout process on If the code can’t be used online, you’ll get an error message telling you so.

What happens if I return a movie or game after 9:00 p.m.?
You’ll be charged for another rental day plus any applicable tax. Only want to pay for one rental day? Be sure to return your disc to any Redbox location before 9:00 p.m. the day after you rent it.

My disc won’t play. What should I do?
There’s a couple of reasons why your disc might not play:

1. Is it possible that you’re trying to play a Blu-ray Disc in a standard DVD player? Blu-ray Discs will only play in Blu-ray compatible players. You can tell if it’s a Blu-ray Disc because the downward-facing side of it will be blue instead of silver, and it’ll have a Blu-ray logo on top.

2. It might be dirty or smudged. If so, please take a soft, lint-free cloth, and wipe gently in a straight line from the center of the disc to the edge. Only clean discs with a solution of water and mild detergent or rubbing alcohol. Never use abrasives, solvents or highly acidic cleansers.

3. If you’ve tried to clean it and it still won’t play, it might be scratched. Please let us know through the Contact Us page and we’ll help you out.

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